In Another Weight Class

Today marks the day I broke through the floor and fell into Obese Class I.

weight graph 8 16 14

Just another 27 pounds, and I’ll be out of Obese Territory. I’ve already lost more than that amount, plus now I’m almost out of the 190s.

This week was rough – I’ve been under the weather, so I’ve opted for extra hours of sleep instead of going to the gym in the morning. Also, I had two small pieces of cake this week, and I’ve been stressed as hell, but my weight is still on a downward course.

I’m feeling good. My clothes fit looser, and I can see a real difference in my face and my body.

Keep Calm and Keto On.

Steady On

weight graph 8 1 14


It’s been two weeks since I delved into Onederland, and now I’m six more pounds into it; and now at a weight I haven’t seen since 2008.

More than that, I’ve had some serious stressors which would normally have me running to some delicious carbs for a magic bout of comfort eating, and I have held strong and have not turned to food for comfort,

Also, I’ve been increasing my cardio to 51 minutes, and trying to get to the gym at least 3 times a week, but I’ve also been battling fatigue. Sometimes I only make it there twice a week because I’m so bonked. I’ve been supplementing with magnesium and potassium and drinking chicken bouillon on the really bad days. That’s a trick I learned way back in 1989 when i first wen to a diet clinic and was put on the early version of an Atkins-type low-carb diet for weight loss. I was drinking a lot of water daily, which in addition to keto’s diuretic effects, sometimes had my electrolytes off balance. A cup of bouillon helped perk me right up more often than not.

Anyway, my clothes are looser, I feel lighter, and people have commented that they have noticed a difference. Keep calm, and keto on!