Keep Calm and Keto On…Again

Weight graph 1_22_151

I’m back, though I never really left.  I’ve had a tumultuous and stressful few months, culminating in the end of that new relationship which had been the focus of so much of my attention and happiness last year. He turned out to be nothing like the man he portrayed himself to be, and I found myself saddled with a lying, lazy shiftless alcoholic in deep denial of his drinking problem, to say nothing of his myriad other issues. It took some time and determination to get him out of my house and my life, but at long last, I did it. Despite the pressure of those circumstances, I did not succumb to the comfort and allure of stress eating. That’s a major non-scale victory.

Then too, one of the other pinnacles of stress came strolling along: the Hellidays. I slid through the holidays and yes, ate plenty of carbs, but I was successful in that I never had a huge weight gain. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, I wavered around a +/- 2 lb range.

But look out, because now I’m back to hard-core high-fat, low carb regimen. I’m at more or less the half-way point of where I’d like to be, at almost 50 pounds gone. I know I can do this.

As added motivation, we have a weight loss challenge of sorts at work. Two of my coworkers and I are planning on weekly weigh-ins. If someone loses nothing from week to week, that person puts a dollar in a jar. In the end of our 3-month challenge, the person with this highest percentage of weight lost gets the money.

I’ve totally got this.