30.1 – Within Reach

I calculated my BMI based on this morning’s weight of 164.4 lb. at 30.1, I am now 0.2 BMI points , or 0.9 lb away from being merely “Overweight” and not “Obese.” Look!

weight graph 3_8_15

God, obese is such an awful word. It has such a connotation of hugely fat, perfectly round like a huge “O,” like I’m up next to be profiled on My 600-Pound Life.

I can’t believe I’ll be so happy to say that I am “just overweight.” Not that I will ever use an online dating site again, but it is fun to note that by online dating site standards, I can now describe myself as “Average,” because we all know that “Curvy” translates to “Significantly Fat,” and “A Few Extra Pounds” translates as “Morbidly Obese/Jabba the Hut.”