Happy New Year

I’m back. In brief, I fell off the wagon big-time, and learned, unequivocally, that I just cannot consume carbs as a regular, routine part of my diet. My GERD gets crazy, I feel foggy-headed and tired, plus my  mood swings are insane. Also, my eating disorder still has its claws in me. I need to get back working on strategies for coping with stress other than bread. I’ve gained 20 pounds TWENTY-FUCKING-POUNDS since my last weigh-in.

All that’s past. I’m not going to berate myself. I’m taking what I’ve learned and moving forward. Prepping meals, weighing and logging everything helps maintain control when I feel OUT of control.

Yesterday’s meals:

Broccoli and Cheddar Soup for lunch




And Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo Spaghetti Squash for supper.




I’m going to be bringing my lunch every day. Now that we have a new year, the drug reps’ budgets are fat again, and soon we’ll have breakfast and lunch brought in every day. The good news is that I’ve moved to a nurse station far away from the break room, so I won’t be smelling the food all the time. No temptation.

Today’s lunch will be my favorite variant of meat-n-greens: Spicy Beef and Kale.

spicy beef and greens

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