First Official Weigh-In Stats for 2017

I finally got back on to log my weight, now that I have a small data set for the new year.



I’ve come to realize, finally, that I just cannot add back a “normal” level of carbs like bread, potatoes and rice to my diet – to say nothing of sugary things – or at least I cannot do that while my ED/emotional/stress-eating issues are still in play. I had a very difficult time right after my birthday in September, right through the Hellidays navigating the treacherous food landscape, both at work, with the drug-rep breakfasts and lunches, and at home.

I just can’t take it anymore, though. I have gained a fuck-ton of weight back, I’ve been feeling awful, exhausted all the time, despite the full pot of coffee (and then some) I was downing every damn day, and a few weeks ago, I was having palpitations probably from the full pot of coffee every day! Granted, I’m overdue for a physical. I have plans to schedule that soonish. But it also reinforced in my mind what I need to do. I know keto works, I know I feel fantastic on it. Time to think of it as a permanent lifestyle for me.

It’s also reinforced how badly I need to get back to regular workouts for the anti-depressant effects. My mood has been variable, to put  it gently.

To that end, I’m taking a more involved, detailed approach: Weighing and measuring every single bit of food  I take in, and then logging it into MyPlate tracker. I’m even trying to plan a full day’s meals in advance as often as I can, so I have a plan I can stick to. Anything I make from scratch, I enter as a recipe. I’m also tracking my blood sugar, and will be monitoring blood ketones. I just got a ketone monitor, so that should be cool.

I’ve picked up The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living, and am poring through it. GREAT book, highly recommend!


I am also trying out Intermittent Fasting. Yesterday was my first day. I drank 4 cups of green tea in the morning, along with 30 ounces of water, and broke my fast with this amazing meal:


That is  broiled ribeye steak with a bleu cheese and rosemary compound butter, sauteed Brussels sprouts with duck bacon and a bleu cheese glaze, and a mini cauliflower puree au gratin with smoked gouda and bacon. HELL YES. What a way to break an 18-hour fast.

Later that evening, I had a simple French rolled omelette (Egg Beaters and 1 wedge of Laughing Cow cheese).


I also did a ton of food prep for the week, pulled pork in the crock pot, and shredded beef in the Instant Pot. Should be good!

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