Long Time No Post!

I’ve been exceedingly busy the past few months. Since I wrote last, I’ve aimed to go to the gym and get my cardio 3-5 times per week. Except for one week when I was down with the flu, I did it! I also broke out the Total Gym, got a barbell set, some more dumbbells, a kettlebell, and a medicine ball, and have done some at-home weight workouts. I need to be more consistent with those workouts, but it is a start. The important thing about my cardio is that I have been increasing the resistance gradually. Most recently,  I have been doing the majority of the hour on level 15, and hit the last 4-5 minutes hard on 16 and 17, sprinting at the end. When I started up again in January, I started at the lowest resistance. This is huge. My heart rate recovery and CV fitness have improved dramatically. I’ve dropped sizes solidly in my clothing: I’m now in a large top, down from extra-large, and medium scrub bottoms, sometimes a size 10 or 12 jeans, depending on brand, which is down from a large scrub bottom (and those were tight!), and a snug size 14 jeans. My current bra size is 38 D, down significantly from what I’d guess was a 40/42 DD. All told, I am very pleased, even if the drastic pace of weight loss has slowed, I feel better, I look significantly thinner. I am just 3 pounds away from busting through into the Overweight BMI class, and then it is a much quicker trip down to Normal.

As you can see  here, the weight loss slowed dramatically from February through most of May. I wasn’t weighing my food at this time, though I was strictly keto for most of it, with occasional cheat periods, such as when I went to Canada for a Girlfriend Getaway.

I also focused on increasing protein with my weight workouts. It’s also important to note that this period has been incredibly stressful at work. We had a nightmare situation with a staff member who has, thankfully, FINALLY been terminated. I know that high levels  of stress can increase the cortisol level in your body, which can make it difficult to lose weight. I’ve stayed strong with the keto regimen, focused on getting in at least 3 workouts per week, and stayed off the scale for most of it. I’ve had some major issues with water retention, especially swelling in my lower legs and wrists, also with some facial puffiness. My repro organs have been nightmare as well. There’s a lot going somewhat haywire with my hormones, so I am taking things day by day.

5_26_17 weight graph


Here is the overall trend:

5_26_17 weight graph overview

I am down almost 60 pounds since I started this health, wellness and fitness journey. I have 40 pounds to go to reach my goal.