First Official Weigh-In Stats for 2017

I finally got back on to log my weight, now that I have a small data set for the new year.



I’ve come to realize, finally, that I just cannot add back a “normal” level of carbs like bread, potatoes and rice to my diet – to say nothing of sugary things – or at least I cannot do that while my ED/emotional/stress-eating issues are still in play. I had a very difficult time right after my birthday in September, right through the Hellidays navigating the treacherous food landscape, both at work, with the drug-rep breakfasts and lunches, and at home.

I just can’t take it anymore, though. I have gained a fuck-ton of weight back, I’ve been feeling awful, exhausted all the time, despite the full pot of coffee (and then some) I was downing every damn day, and a few weeks ago, I was having palpitations probably from the full pot of coffee every day! Granted, I’m overdue for a physical. I have plans to schedule that soonish. But it also reinforced in my mind what I need to do. I know keto works, I know I feel fantastic on it. Time to think of it as a permanent lifestyle for me.

It’s also reinforced how badly I need to get back to regular workouts for the anti-depressant effects. My mood has been variable, to put  it gently.

To that end, I’m taking a more involved, detailed approach: Weighing and measuring every single bit of food  I take in, and then logging it into MyPlate tracker. I’m even trying to plan a full day’s meals in advance as often as I can, so I have a plan I can stick to. Anything I make from scratch, I enter as a recipe. I’m also tracking my blood sugar, and will be monitoring blood ketones. I just got a ketone monitor, so that should be cool.

I’ve picked up The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living, and am poring through it. GREAT book, highly recommend!


I am also trying out Intermittent Fasting. Yesterday was my first day. I drank 4 cups of green tea in the morning, along with 30 ounces of water, and broke my fast with this amazing meal:


That is  broiled ribeye steak with a bleu cheese and rosemary compound butter, sauteed Brussels sprouts with duck bacon and a bleu cheese glaze, and a mini cauliflower puree au gratin with smoked gouda and bacon. HELL YES. What a way to break an 18-hour fast.

Later that evening, I had a simple French rolled omelette (Egg Beaters and 1 wedge of Laughing Cow cheese).


I also did a ton of food prep for the week, pulled pork in the crock pot, and shredded beef in the Instant Pot. Should be good!

4 Days In, Doing Great

I’ve been hopping back and forth between keto and non-keto for so long now that I never get keto flu when I restart.HALLELUJAH. I’m drinking about 2-2.5litrsof water per day which helps a lot.

I’ve also cut back drastically on my caffeine intake, I’m now down to one cup of coffee per day. I had been downing an entire pot of coffee in the morning before I even left the house for work. I’ve been waking at 2:00 am and chugging coffee until I step out the door at 6:00 am. I was having palpitations and vertigo from the caffeine, so yeah. I’ve cut back. I’m allowing myself an end-of-the-wek, celebratory Coke Zero on Friday if I feel I need one.

My favorite part, honestly, I trying out new recipes, or ketofying favorites.

Last night’s supper was an old favorite, Beef Taco Soup:


Lunch today will be this new one: Buffalo Chicken and Cauliflower Bake:


Nutrition breakdown for half of that dish:



Fat Fast

Well, I’ve decided to jump right in to a 3-day Fat Fast. I’d  like to accelerate the weight loss down closer to breaking back through the ceiling into the merely Overweight BMI class.

For a Fat Fast, the macro goal is 80-90% of your calories to come from fat, and the calorie goal for the day is a ceiling of 1,000. So, not only is it extreme finagling of the macros, it is quite calorie restrictive. I’ve read from people who’ve done it that they report that the very high fat content promotes satiety, but we’ll see. Continue reading Fat Fast