How I’ve Found Success With South Beach/Low-Carb Diets


I’ve found it easiest if I keep it the simplest, which basically means water. You may have a different experience than I do with this, but anything sweetened with aspartame actually seems to trigger pretty severe carb-cravings for me. Also, it’s good to remember that any ounce of diet soda or iced tea I drink is taking the place of equivalent ounces of water I could be drinking.

Some exceptions are coffee and tea. I have been using stevia as a sweetener in my coffee with success. It doesn’t provoke a bad blood sugar spiral, which means no carb cravings. Some people swear by Splenda, although I dislike the metallic aftertaste.

Another drink I allow myself is the cran-water from the Fat Flush Diet, which is an unbelievably potent diuretic. It is 1 part unsweetened, straight cranberry juice, to 7 parts water. Knudsen’s has one called “Just Cranberry,” and it’s usually in a health food or natural foods aisle. You can’t use regular old Ocean Spray cranberry juice blend because those have other things like grape juice or sugar in it. Straight cranberry juice is practically undrinkable on its own, but mixed with water and a spritz of lemon or lime, it becomes kind of addictive. It’s still tart, but refreshing, and boy does it ever help flush the extra fluids from your body. If you have bad water retention issues like I do, I recommend it. It’s way better than a diuretic in pill form.

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