Killin’ It

This week I added regular cardio, an hour on the elliptical, for five days this week. Yes,on the workdays, I woke at 2:30 am and went to the gym from 3-4, but I did it, goddamn it! And I feel spectacular! And would you just look at what adding cardio has done to the weight loss?


That is a cool 5-pound loss since Monday when I added an hour of cardio. I am also proceeding with extended fast days, and toying around with pre-workout prep, such as, do I eat anything if so, what? I’ve worked out on an empty stomach, which made for an excruciating workout, I’ve had a few bites of protein bars, some with more carbs that the other. Now my serum ketones rose after each workout, but  never had as dramatic a rise as I did yesterday:


Look at that number! It’s never been that high before!

Yesterday was a weekend, so I slept in a bit, which for me, means getting up at 4:30 instead of 2:30 lol I also had two cups of coffee with heavy whipping cream and didn’t go to the gym right away. I went later in the morning at 10:00-ish. I’m not certain which is the most important factor there, but I’ll try changing one variable at a time for this week’s workouts and see which yields the greatest rewards.

This week, I will be adding weights to my routine.I’ve ordered Brett Contreras’s Strong Curves workout book, and I really ought to open up the Total Gym and take advantage of that, particularly for my upper body.

I have  physical coming up in 3 weeks, and I’d  love to be back down to the weight I was at for my physical in 2015, which was 169. So, we shall see! But I feel great – energized, clothes are fitting more loosely.  I took measurements yesterday and will do that once a week as well to monitor progress on that front.

I have GOT to get rid of the belly fat around my waist. At 36 inches, I am still just above the range for women (by 1 inch)  which has the greatest risk for heart disease. Ugh. No thank you! We are headed into Heart Disease Awareness Month for February. Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women in the US, killing approximately one woman every 80 seconds,  that’s 1 in 3 deaths among women every year! I’ll be wearing red this Friday at work, and I ordered some red lapel pins for my co-workers as a small gift.

I’m ready!


Working Out

I’ve put off the next weigh-in until next Monday, 5/16. We’ll see where I am then, and again, no judgments, no wallowing in self-loathing, just acceptance and planning on how to do better. To this end, I’ve decided that I need to add exercise as a help for my mood to combat the binging.

I’ve signed up for this 30-Day Bodyweight Challenge from Betty Rocker. It should begin tomorrow. A quick scan of the internet found this video as an excerpt of the 30-day plan:


In addition to that 30-day series of 15-minute bodyweight exercises, I think that I need to join a gym again. I’m thinking of reactivating my membership to Plant Fitness, because their hours are simply the best. I’d get up at 3:30 AM, be there at 4:00 AM, and I’d be back home around 5:00 AM to begin my normal routine of shower, change, breakfast and COFFEE. There is nothing like that feeling of finishing a good hard 45 minutes on the elliptical. I walk out, feeling euphoric. I need that.

In other news, I rejoined a dating site. Scary, but exciting. I need to get back out there. Sometimes I think, maybe I should wait until I’ve got things more together/ after RN school/after I reach my goal weight etc, but then I realized I’m just putting it off needlessly. Why should I defer my chances of meeting someone until some theoretical time in the future which might not come?!

Carpe diem.

“How DO you do it?” They Ask…

And when I tell them, the predictable response is “Oh, I could never do that! I love bread/pasta/potatoes/cookies/etc too much!”

And when I say, “Oh I get it, I love everything about bread: Making it, pounding out my aggression as I knead the dough, the silky texture of the dough under my palms as it comes together, the yeasty smell of it rising in a warm corner of my kitchen, then the tantalizing smell as it bakes, to say nothing of the sublime first roll, piping-hot with salted butter melting into it soft interior, or a piece of my multigrain bread, toasted, slathered with butter and a slice of cheese, tomato and salt and cracked pepper… Continue reading “How DO you do it?” They Ask…

Ever Downward

Today’s weigh-in, a success!

weigh in 4_11_16
I love the steep drop you see at the beginning of keto. Even looking at the plateaux, you can see that they do eventually end, and they’re not even real plateaux in the sense that there is no weight loss, it’s just a slowing down of the loss. But then, after the slight stall, the pounds go whooshing off once again. That helps maintain motivation, knowing that “This stall, too, shall pass.”

Carb Addict

Well, I now know unequivocally, that I really cannot allow many carbs – or at least I need to find a stronger means of dealing with stress than emotional eating. When I turn to carb-heavy comfort foods, I over-indulge. Period.

It feels as though I am driven to do so, even if I am full. It’s as though there is a void that I want, no, need, to fill as soon as possible.

What’s worse is that not long after eating a carb-intense, gut-busting meal, I crave more carbs.

Since last August, I’ve gained back 32 pounds. Ugh. I’m disgusted with myself.

No more. Continue reading Carb Addict