Doing Great

It’s been a great week. I’ve consistently hit my calorie goal or below, except for three days when I ate back some of my calories from exercising. Even then, I only ate back about 100 – 200 calories.

My carb cravings are gone entirely – no more longing for potatoes and rice, or lusting after bread and pizza. I had a couple of light cheat days when I indulged in some pineapple and had a small bit of chicken Schnitzel which had some breading on it. On that day my carb count only reached 38 grams because I planned for it, so being thoughtful about meals helps a great deal.

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Week One Round-Up

Here are the details for the first week of keto:

Date Total cals Carbs g  Carbs % Protein g Protein % Fat g Fat %
2/16/2014 1,026 29 11.5 77 30.53 65 57.98
2/17/2014 1,122 20 7.37 96 35.39 69 57.24
2/18/2014 1,160 11* 3.96 82 29.55 82 66.49
2/19/2014 1,072 15 5.8 68 26.31 78 67.89
2/20/2014 1,177 32 11.02 83 28.57 78 60.41
2/21/2014 1,262 48** 15.21 74 23.45 86 61.33
2/22/2014 1,283 35 10.28 85 24.96 98 64.76
8,102 total cals

Some daily averages:

Average Daily Calories 1,157
Average Daily Carbs  27.14 g, or 108.56 cals
Average Daily Protein  80.71 g, or 322.84 cals
Average Daily Fat  79.42 g, or 714.78 cals


*This day was the lowest I managed to get my carbs, and I did that by having a few leaves of butter lettuce and two tablespoons of salsa as my only carby-type stuff that day. Breakfast was two eggs fried in butter, a glass of cranwater and coffee with 2% milk and Truvia; lunch was my favorite chicken taco salad without the taco (that had a bit of lettuce and the salsa); Supper was a bunless burger with mayo, bacon and cheese sat atop a leaf of butter lettuce.

** The carbs are high on this day, 48 grams, and 15.21% of that day’s calories, because for an afternoon snack, I had a Think Thin Chunky Peanut Butter Protein Bar. As you can see from the nutritional info, that sucker had 24 g of carbs by itself:

think thin chunky pb bar

I imagine that I’ll try to stick to whole food, clean eating and avoid anything processed from a box. I was just desperately hungry for a snack that day. Next time maybe I’ll stick to some nuts or a couple tablespoons of peanut butter.