When I got on the scale this morning, I was up a half pound from yesterday. I didn’t log everything into my food tracker, and as such, ate “off menu” in the afternoon and evening. My estimated total daily cals yesterday was way over where it should be, and my carbs were too high – I can feel the squishy water weight around my waist like Satan’s inner tube.

1,663 calories?! Sonofabitch.

food log 5 2 16

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On Water Weight and Introspection

Well, the Fat Fast was a horrible idea. Although the Bulleproof Coffee kept me pretty sated until lunch, my small portion of lunch wasn’t enough to keep my satisfied for long, so I was ravenous by dinnertime. On the second day, all I could think about was MEAT! Also, I woke both nights, quite hungry and had a snack, which I never do. The only times in my life that I woke for a midnight snack was when I was pregnant. So, yeah, I scrapped it. Since then, I’ve overeaten my carbs and my calories, so I am actually UP two pounds.

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Fat Fast

Well, I’ve decided to jump right in to a 3-day Fat Fast. I’d  like to accelerate the weight loss down closer to breaking back through the ceiling into the merely Overweight BMI class.

For a Fat Fast, the macro goal is 80-90% of your calories to come from fat, and the calorie goal for the day is a ceiling of 1,000. So, not only is it extreme finagling of the macros, it is quite calorie restrictive. I’ve read from people who’ve done it that they report that the very high fat content promotes satiety, but we’ll see. Continue reading Fat Fast

Love to Cook

I do love to cook. I enjoy prepping the food, taking care that everything is cut, sliced, chopped, diced or minced properly. And then, to cook these ingredients, and to make something where the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts, well, that is magical,  I call it Kitchen Alchemy.

But it doesn’t begin with the food prep, getting your mise en place finished. Even before that, I love meal-planning, recipe creation – I enjoy a stroll through Wegmans, looking at the produce, meat and cheese and waiting for inspiration to strike, which it always does.

Most of all, I love cooking for other people. I get a thrill when someone takes a bite of something I’ve prepared for them, and I hear that little groan of delight, or see that “Oh My God” expression slide across their face at first taste of good food.

This sums it up:
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My kids are still a bit leery about super-spicy foods; thus far, the only Indian dish they will reliably try is chicken korma, very mild. If I crave Indian food, I usually have to go out by myself, or, more fun, I make it myself.

Paneer is a fresh-set curd cheese, making it couldn’t be easier. If you can boil milk, you can make paneer. It can be added to a variety of sauces, curry bases, creamy korma sauce, it can be crusted with spices and pan-fried, I’ve even eaten it fresh and uncooked.


paneer cubes


  • 1 quart of whole milk
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice or vinegar

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