Burger (and a Side Dish of Diabetes)

I do love a good burger, but who doesn’t, right? During my first run on following a low-carb diet, I was very strict about not having red meat. I was following the South Beach Diet, and the emphasis is away from the fattier cuts of meat, so I would only rarely have a small burger patty. This time around, I don’t have to shy away from red meat. I still lose the body fat, my lipid panel has always been spectacular, I feel great – no chest pain or shortness of breath, and my doctor can detect no sound of a carotid bruit, so really I have no extraordinary worries about atherosclerosis.

The mantra of the past 40 years has consistently been that saturated fats are the enemy of heart health, practically evil incarnate. I was a teenager in the 1980s when the low-fat trend began, and soon more convenience foods hit the shelves, more of what I call Not-Real Foods which had to be packaged in boxes because their life had been sucked  out of them, natural components removed and replaced with synthesized items.  Fat carries flavor, fat adds a certain texture and mouthfeel that we love. With the fat removed, the food industry had to do something to keep their new Heart Healthy items from tasting like sawdust, and feeling like cardboard.

Enter high-fructose corn syrup, the miracle additive. That shit got put into everything. Continue reading Burger (and a Side Dish of Diabetes)