Progress, maybe?

So, I’ve had a rough couple of days. First, I’m in the middle of a massive purge and reorganization in the house. It’s stressful, but necessary and I truly want to get rid of all sorts of stuff. Just as a lot of my excess pounds on my body have strong ties to negative emotions, so do the very many excess pounds of clutter and accumulated items weigh my psyche down. It is as liberating to shed old possessions and slough off unnecessary THINGS as it is to burn off the extra fat that has been oppressing me. So yeah, this is good, and I am embracing it.

It’s a lot of work though, and as I rummage and sort through things, inevitably, I am smacked across the face with what a mess my life has become. It’s overwhelming at times. Yesterday, in fact, as my sister was helping me sort, at one point I started laughing  at the absurdity of it all, and then I started bawling. I am just a total emotional basketcase. Add to this scenario the new kitties we recently got. One of them has been purposely peeing on the furniture in the past week. Time and again I have had to scrub clean cat pee from my couch – a real mood breaker, let me tell you. Over the past five days, I’ve melted down over these cat-pee transgressions several times, and each time, that brain-mouth filter evaporated and I told my kids that the cats would have to go if this situation didn’t right itself soon.

Ugh. They’re upset. I’m upset. This totally would have been a carb-binge moment if ever there was one. Continue reading Progress, maybe?