Secret Eaters

I just stumbled across this UK show, “Secret Eaters,” on Youtube.


I am hooked! I really wish that someone would make a version of this show for here in the US. Basically, a family volunteers to have their eating habits tracked for a period, one week, I think. Their house is rigged with cameras so that someone can log their food intake. Unbeknownst to the family, they are also followed by a pair of private investigators to see what they might be eating when not at home.

It truly is crazy just how many calories we can shovel into our gaping maws with mindless eating out of boredom without even realizing it!   I also had a moment of deep honesty last week and calculated the calories for one of my favorite comfort food meal, Peasant Breakfast. Brace yourselves.

Peasant Breakfast Breakdown:

Amout Ingredient Calories
5 medium russet potatoes 600
4 T salted butter 400
3 oz. medium green bell pepper 16.5
4 oz. medium onion 44
3 large eggs 210
2 T grated parm 44
1314.5 total

Oh my God. Granted, that would be two meals, usually breakfast and lunch, but still. I knew it was a lot of calories, but holy shit, that’s an ungodly amount of calories and carbs. It is just so good. I use Old Bay seasoning to add some spicy flavor. Now that I know for certain just how much of a gut bomb it is, I doubt I’ll ever make it as large as that ever again.