Adding Another Component

So yeah, in February of last year, after a particularly vicious break-up, I had an epiphany about my life, about my mostly self-imposed isolation, and I vowed to get out there and live. This included re-launching myself back into the dating world via POF, and signing up for a gym membership at Planet Fitness. The dating I did for a good 6 months; alas, I’m ashamed to confess that the gym did not happen. Oh, no, I had a membership, I just didn’t use it. That’s right, I spent money for a full year’s membership and did not go once. I had every possible excuse – too busy, don’t feel well, too tired etc.

Well, I’m going now. I even have the Black Card membership, which allows me to bring along a friend. Yesterday, my older daughter came out of my room after weighing herself and asked me if I thought she’d gained weight. She’d gained 19 pounds and was stunned. I told her that we could make some changes to her diet. Considering the fact that she eats at her dad’s half the time, and the food there is a pasta-heavy carb-fest, I told her that we’d just be super diligent and about what she eats here at home with me, and she’d see some slow but healthy changes.  Then I asked her if she’d be willing to come with me to the gym to work out. She accepted immediately. 🙂 Continue reading Adding Another Component