Spring means ramps, for a short time only, much like the lifespan of spring in these neck of the woods. Our tradition is to christen the bunch of ramps by making an omelette with ramps, ham and cheese. I’d found ramps in the store here for the first time several years ago. I had a list of recipes I’d wanted to test out with my new  ingredient, but first I wanted a quick breakfast, which for me usually means an omelette. I thought I’d saute some ramps in butter first and then add the beaten egg in. The minced ramps sizzle and jump in the butter, and the pungent, onion-garlicky aroma quickly filled the house. In short order, it was ready.I couldn’t wait to take my first taste of this food item that had  the foodieverse in spasms of joy.

So, there I was, standing at the kitchen counter with my fork poised over the omelette, when my younger daughter came into the kitchen saying, “Mommy, what… is… that… SMELL?! It smells so delicious!”

I had her grab a fork and, to be fair, I called my older daughter down and within 2 minutes, the three of us devoured it. The lovely aroma of sauteed ramps hung in the air for a while afterward, and my younger daughter would stop from time to time and say, “Oh, Mommy, that still smells soooo good!

So now, my kids and I anticipate the first signs of spring and celebrate with our omelette, an annual family food tradition.

cheesy ramps omelette

In the coming days, I’ll be making some other favorites: Continue reading Ramps!


As fun as it is to slave over a dish with pages upon pages of ingredients, sometimes the simplest dishes are just what hits the spot.

Today was all about simplicity. For breakfast, I had two eggs fried in good quality salted butter until the edges were nicely brown-n-cripsy, and a piece of cheese melted on top. A hit of sea salt, cracked black pepper and Aleppo pepper flakes and breakfast is ready!


fried egg n cheese

Thus fortified, I left to undertake my Saturday errands, the last of which was a mega-trip through Wegmans, no mean feat on a Saturday morning, let me tell you. I came home with my haul, put everything away, actually making room in the tiny fridge for everything, which is nothing short of miraculous. Then since I had agreed to babysit my nephew, I made lunch for my sister, niece and nephew, plain pasta for him, and pasta with butter and cheese for my sister and niece.

I was not tempted by the carby cheesy butter goodness of the noodles, because I had already eaten another one of my simple, but satisfying keto-friendly lunches, which I like to call “A Burger in Brussels,” a cheese-stuffed burger nestled on a bed of crispy pan-fried Brussels sprouts and onions, with an extra sprinkling of cheese for good measure.


burger and Brussels

Next for me, is the week’s meal planning and prep. I’ll be making a marinara sauce with hot Italian sausage to go atop either zucchini noodles or shirataki noodles. I also like to use it in my pepperoni pizza cups, which make a great snack or small meal. I have a nice, albeit HUGE, salmon fillet that I’ll divide into sane portions. I may make another simple but sublime favorite, which is a pan-seared salmon fillet with a compound butter.

The other day, I saw this recipe for Asian Cabbage Rolls, which sounded amazing, so I also grabbed a package of ground chicken and a head of cabbage along with some shiitake and baby bok choy for the filling. I also stocked up on eggs, avocados, Greek yogurt , cheddar, and cottage cheese, more über-simple staples for one-ingredient meals.

I was especially stoked to find a few particular items at Wegmans today. Here’s some of the haul: Continue reading Simplicity