Temptations, II

So yesterday at work, this happened:

For Breakfast: Fruit, 2 quick breads, which should probably be called cake-breads, Light & Fit, but still sugar-filled, flavored yogurt:



and *drumroll*

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Fortitude and Zoodles

As I’ve mentioned, I get a lot of practice honing my skills of avoiding food temptations, since my desk is right outside the break room, and lately we’ve had several days per week of both breakfast and lunch being brought in my drug reps.

As you can see, it’s no mean feat:

Monday, breakfast: In addition to the coffee (excellent, strong, dark roast – two thumbs up) and orange juice, we had some sticky buns and breakfast sandwiches. I’ll give Panera a nod, they did include a Mediterranean egg white sandwich. Although I wouldn’t be tempted to touch any sandwiches because of the carbs.

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