Stress Cravings

I first noticed the intensity of my stress cravings when my first daughter was a toddler. My, oh, my, was she a pistol. At the time, I was also pregnant with our second child, so my hands were full – usually of squirming 2 year-old.  One day, when I’d taken her to Story Time at the local library,  she’d been especially lively. The librarians had a felt board set up and were using it to tell nursery rhymes. They had little felt characters that would stick to the board and could be removed and repositioned easily. During a regaling of “Little Bo Peep,” one of the librarians asked for a volunteer of the toddlers to help with the felt board characters. My daughter jumped up, ran up, snatched a little felt sheep off the board and ran around our section of the library, giggling madly and waving the sheep in the air while being chased by a librarian and a pregnant me. Continue reading Stress Cravings