Progress and Thai Food

Today’s weigh-in has me a cool 4.2 pounds down since last Monday.

4 18 16 weigh in

So, let this be a lesson to those who say that weight loss on keto can only be done by eating only meat and fat – you can have vegetables daily and still lose the pounds!

So, I went to Wegmans yesterday to stock back up on some items. I really enjoyed my Zoodles last week, so I got more zucchini and some yellow summer squash for more veggie noodles.

As I cruised through the exotic produce section, I found some galangal and stalks of fresh lemongrass. Immediately, I thought of Thai green curry. I ran back to the hot pepper section and found some small green Thai bird chilies. Thai Green Curry paste? It’s so on! Continue reading Progress and Thai Food