As fun as it is to slave over a dish with pages upon pages of ingredients, sometimes the simplest dishes are just what hits the spot.

Today was all about simplicity. For breakfast, I had two eggs fried in good quality salted butter until the edges were nicely brown-n-cripsy, and a piece of cheese melted on top. A hit of sea salt, cracked black pepper and Aleppo pepper flakes and breakfast is ready!


fried egg n cheese

Thus fortified, I left to undertake my Saturday errands, the last of which was a mega-trip through Wegmans, no mean feat on a Saturday morning, let me tell you. I came home with my haul, put everything away, actually making room in the tiny fridge for everything, which is nothing short of miraculous. Then since I had agreed to babysit my nephew, I made lunch for my sister, niece and nephew, plain pasta for him, and pasta with butter and cheese for my sister and niece.

I was not tempted by the carby cheesy butter goodness of the noodles, because I had already eaten another one of my simple, but satisfying keto-friendly lunches, which I like to call “A Burger in Brussels,” a cheese-stuffed burger nestled on a bed of crispy pan-fried Brussels sprouts and onions, with an extra sprinkling of cheese for good measure.


burger and Brussels

Next for me, is the week’s meal planning and prep. I’ll be making a marinara sauce with hot Italian sausage to go atop either zucchini noodles or shirataki noodles. I also like to use it in my pepperoni pizza cups, which make a great snack or small meal. I have a nice, albeit HUGE, salmon fillet that I’ll divide into sane portions. I may make another simple but sublime favorite, which is a pan-seared salmon fillet with a compound butter.

The other day, I saw this recipe for Asian Cabbage Rolls, which sounded amazing, so I also grabbed a package of ground chicken and a head of cabbage along with some shiitake and baby bok choy for the filling. I also stocked up on eggs, avocados, Greek yogurt , cheddar, and cottage cheese, more über-simple staples for one-ingredient meals.

I was especially stoked to find a few particular items at Wegmans today. Here’s some of the haul: Continue reading Simplicity